Zoé Karlikow – Performance & Coaching

The parallels between the performance worlds and top-level athletes are scientifically demonstrated, both in terms of the commitment that these professions demand and the physical and mental preparation that they require.

Yet the gap between the support offered to athletes and the support offered to the various players in the performance professions is incomparable.

Mental preparation is to the head what physical preparation is to the body. If we were as convinced of its action as we are of the need to prepare physically by training, by working the gesture, the muscles, etc., we would all include this tool in our preparations. But because we don't "see" its effects, we underestimate it.

Mental Training

Mental preparation teaches our brain what to think, when and how. It has a decisive effect on our inner voice, increases our concentration, helps us manage our energy and, last but not least, enables us to be our own coach at the right moment.

Programmation Neuro-Linguistique

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a fantastic tool because it allows us to take a step back and look at ourselves, our thoughts and our behaviour, and to change certain automatic patterns or acquire certain resources. In addition, the anchoring techniques offered by NLP are among the most effective for immersing yourself in a desired emotion or feeling.

Stress and Emotions Management

Stress and Emotion Management gives us an insight into how we work as individuals, and gives us the perspective we need to develop techniques that work for you!


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