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Discovering Self: After taking up the cello at the age of 6, Zoé didn't decide to devote herself fully to it until she was in...

the middle of a Physics/Chemistry 'preparatory' course at a top French lycée. Assuming her choice, she began her studies at the CRR in Paris, then decided to pursue them in Germany.

After a Bachelor's degree in Cologne, two 1st prizes in international competitions, an internship at the Cologne radio station WDR and a temporary contract as co-soloist with the Dortmund Philharmonic Orchestra, she obtained one of the highly sought-after positions as academist with the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra in Munich.

From then on, she regularly took part in competitions, but realised that despite her very thorough preparation, she was sometimes mentally fragile in situation which left traces even after she had finished the competition.

So she decided to look for someone who could help her consolidate her mental strength, and worked with different coaches, using different methods.

And then, as her contracts progressed, first with the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra and then with the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, and as she talked to her colleagues and other students, Zoé realised that she was far from the only one to have doubts at times, over a more or less long period, to wonder how to move forward, to no longer have the impression that she was making progress...

At that point, she decided to train, so that she could be the performance coach she imagined, offering support in a world where representation, performance, the gaze of others and feelings play a central role, and to democratize and talk about what we are all confronted with at some point: our doubts and uncertainties. To overcome them.

Since October 2022, Zoé has been writing a thesis at Paris Sorbonne University on the subject of Performance Optimization for Musician-Experts.

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